SGG PLANISTAR SUN is a low-E, neutral soft coated glass. The metallic oxide coating is deposited onto the clear float glass SGG PLANILUX under vacuum conditions. The coating reflects both long and short wave infra-red radiation and so provides:

Excellent thermal insulation
Good solar control


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SGG PLANISTAR SUN double glazed units offer improved thermal insulation along with solar control and high levels of light transmission. The neutral appearance of the glass enables the product to be used in a wide variety of applications in both new build and refurbishment. It is ideally suited for use in homes with large areas of glazing and south or west facing windows and in public or commercial buildings (hospitals, schools, hotels, restaurants, sports centres, shopping centres etc).


Comfort in all seasons!

In Winter
SGG PLANISTAR SUN double glazing provides 3 times more heat insulation than standard double glazing and this offers many advantages:

– Improved comfort near large areas of glazing because cold spots and drafts are minimised.
– Energy savings, due to reduced heating requirements.
– Environmental protection, due to this reduction in energy used for heating.
– Reduced condensation on the inside of the windows, as the interior pane is kept closer to room temperature.
– The opportunity to increase the size of glazed areas without increasing heating requirements


In Summer
Due to the fact that it also blocks twice as much direct heat from the sun, SGG PLANISTAR SUN offers remarkable advantages:

– Improved comfort, due to a more agreeable interior temperature being maintained.
– A reduction in the running costs, where there is air conditioning.
– A reduction in the transmission of UV rays, which protects home furnishings


• The appearance of SGG PLANISTAR SUN is neutral both in transmission and in reflection and is almost the same as that of standard double glazing.
• When used in renovation projects, the SGG PLANISTAR SUN double glazed units can be used in existing frames.
• The multi-functionality of SGG PLANISTAR SUN can be further enhanced by using it with other types of glass to provide acoustic insulation, security, decoration or privacy.