Windows AWS 50 NI

///Windows AWS 50 NI

Windows AWS 50 NI

AWS 50.NI series is distinguished by its chassis for combining various open mode:

Interior and outside 1 leaf or 2 leaves, Italian, p ivotant, tilt

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Windows AWS.50.NI combine: High modularity , huge choice width and Benefits < / strong> Budget .

Perfection of design, trendy colors … they offer Total freedom creative , comfort Video and light best .
Files: [wpdm_package id=’541′]

– AEV Performance: 4 A * E * E900 * V B3
– Maximum dimensions L x H: 2200 x 2500 mm (2 leaves)
– Resistance to burglary RC3 (ENV 1627)
– Profiles compatible with ADS door 50.NISupports:

[wpdm_package id=’543′] [wpdm_package id=’545′]