Experience the benefits of a connected home with TaHoma®

Monitor and operate your blinds, curtains, lights, electrical equipment,
heating, garage doors and gates with Somfy.
Take advantage of our expertise and innovation and start living better,
with a connected home that keeps up with your lifestyle.

TaHoma® intelligence

The TaHoma® interface has been designed for the connected home, allowing you to centralise and manage all your equipment, stay in touch with your home remotely and manage any unexpected situations.

Innovation, Assistance, Reassurance
Much more than just a smart home system!

Integrated intelligence

The TaHoma box adds a touch of clever innovation to your home! From the installation of your first motorised product, you have complete control of your home. When you install the TaHoma box, you can centralise all your Somfy products and manage your home form a computer, smartphone or tablet device.

The best technology has to offer

Somfy’s motors are equipped with their exclusive technology: RTS®
Manage all your applications through the same radio control.
You can control what’s happening without needing to move.
Secure radio transmission for complete reliability and peace of mind.

The quality you get from an international brand

Products designed in France in a Research & Development center that is at the forefront of innovation.
Products tested and inspected following the most rigorous criteria to guarantee quality, performance and longevity
Respect for the strictest safety standards on the market.

Somfy’s approved partners

Nationwide network of Somfy approved Experts and Partners.
Talk to your local Somfy contact to discuss your ideas for your next project

How does it work?

TaHoma® interface
A simple and user-friendly Web management interface that lets you control all your equipment from a computer, tablet, or smartphone.
TaHoma® is compatible with numerous radio protocols, like RTS®, RTD® and io-homecontrol®.




Multi-equipment and multi-brand

Somfy’s home automation can be built up as your project progresses. It will meet all your needs, with over 100 compatible items of equipment that you can connect to your box, including motors, sensors, detectors, cameras, thermostats, lighting and more.

TaHoma® is also compatible with major home equipment brands, including Velux for roof windows, Honeywell and more.

Thanks to radio technology, this wireless system can be installed with ease and connects to all the equipment you have already installed.